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Global Living History Representation of the WWII German Air Force

In Memoriam: Günther Rall, Honorary Member LARA

The Wedding of Major Johann Warsteiner & Prof. Gretchen Müller

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Living Historians, Reenactors & WWII German Aviation Enthusiasts 

The Luftwaffe Aircrew Reenactors Association is an international network of living historians and reenactors who bring life to the study and recreation of the German combat aviator of the Second World War.  The mission of the LARA is the representation of Luftwaffe aircrew at historical displays, battle reenactments and air shows.  As such, members have the opportunity to work around many interesting and rare aircraft.

 Period politics are neither condoned nor tolerated in the LARA.

NO German reenactor or living historian supports the political views of the Nazi Party.  The LARA is no exception and an example of non-politically motivated living history.

Membership in the LARA involves a commitment to developing the most accurate Luftwaffe aircrew/airbase related impression.  Some members of the LARA have been reenacting and portraying Luftwaffe aircrew at air shows and battle reenactments for many years.  This experience, combined with the generous participation of a former Luftwaffe fighter pilot who serves as the Association Advisor, ensures dedication to  historical accuracy and guidance.

Memberships in multiple living history groups are most definitely permitted.  An LARA impression can serve as an intriguing second impression for reenactors who hold an interest in German combat aviation.

The LARA is broken into districts, based on the geographical make up of the continental United States, England, Greece and Australia (other overseas Districts are currently under development).  Each District has its own chain of command which includes a Commanding Officer, Period Vehicle and Aircraft Coordinators, Helferin and Ground crew Coordinators and Flak Command. 

We would very much like to see more female "Helferin", FLAK & fighter/bomber/recon pilot reenactors!

Current members of the LARA have a wide range of experience, talent, background and expertise.  Additionally, members maintain collections of original and reproduction Luftwaffe uniforms and equipment...including vehicles and aircraft!  Some members maintain working replicas of Luftwaffe aircraft, including flying examples of a Messerschmitt  Me109G6, Fi156 Storchs, Czech L-60 Brigadyr, Ju87 Stuka and soon a Polish diver bomber, the PZL.43 Karas!


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